FULL-STACK WEB DEVELOPER H/F (CDI) Job in Paris (75) at Supermood


Supermood is a SaaS platform that is distributed and used by 100+ companies and 150k+ users. We constantly update our platform to make it faster, more reliable, easier to use, more secure to help our customers achieve their goals.

To do that, we’re looking for passionate engineers who are willing to join our software development team to make our platform better week after week, sprint after sprint 🙂

We think that developers are ‘fullstack’ because they are responsible for what they do from start to finish, from conception to production. As a fullstack developer, you will have to find technical solutions to product challenges (bugs, improvements, features), implement and deploy these solutions. You will also do code reviews (as everybody does) and peer programming. If you want to, you can also participate to improving the CI/CD and devevelopment environment!

We deploy to the cloud, and are adept to fast deployments (~2-5 per week) so you must be willing to join a fast-paced environment. as well as an impact-driven company.


What we think is a good fit

Master of Science in computer engineering or similar diplomas. We couldn’t care less about the diploma itself, but we want you to have a solid ground in computer science – hint: copy/pasting from StackOverflow does not count as “solid ground”.

3 years of experience in web software engineering

Good knowledge of networks, distributed systems, data structures, algorithms, OOP and functional programming.

Flexibility in the technologies you use, and demonstrated ability to adapt to technical stacks you don’t know.

Willing to make people more engaged at work. We have strong values, and we want people around us to care about the mission.

Self-motivated. Our internal culture and the fact we’re a startup push us to learn at a quick pace.

What makes us say “Wow”

You have a deep understanding of programming paradigms and of at least one language. This almost means you can recite the spec’ by heart.

You have written a compiler and understood what you were doing. Or any other prowess of the same kind. Hell yeah!

You have experience implementing at-scale multi-tenant SaaS products.

You understand common security vulnerabilities. OWASP guidelines are common sense to you.

If you already know some of our tech stack (PHP – Laravel, Clean Architecture, Typescript – Angular, RxJS, NgRx, Docker, Python, Node.js), that’s a plus of course.


You send us your resume

30min call to talk about your profile and job expectations

At-home technical test (1h30): you complete a technical quizz and send us the results. 8 MCQs, one Code review, one algorithm problem.

2h30 on-site interview with the CTO – technical review of your test followed by a more in-depth interview (with other developers) as well as an HR interview: talk about culture, values, how you see yourself in the company, etc. We also demo our product to you, so you see what it’s like!

Meet the team around a drink : get a beer/martini/wine/tea with the team so everyone can see if there’s a good fit 🙂

Welcome to Supermood!


Contract Type: Full-Time

Location: Paris, France (75002)

Education Level: Master’s Degree

Experience: > 3 years

Salary: between 38000€ and 52000€ / year

About the Company

Company: Supermood

Company Location:  Paris (75)

Estimated Salary:

About Supermood