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Business Grader (Independent Contractor)

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Remote friendly
United States
Position Summary:
The Business grader is responsible for providing instructional support through constructive, focused feedback to ensure students meet the established learning objectives. The primary function of the Business grader is to evaluate and grade subjective assignments, and projects to assist students in achieving their educational goals through distance education technologies.
This is a fully remote position with flexible hours.
Essential Job Functions: 
  • Objectively and accurately evaluate student assignments and projects.
  • Provide clear and effective feedback to students.
  • Respond to all emails within 24 hours (weekdays) and 48 hours (weekends).
  • Grade all assignments within the 5-day turnaround time frame.
  • Complete the necessary steps to ensure that grades are properly recorded with the school.
  • Graders may provide input to instructional staff regarding areas of student difficulty.
  • Graders may be asked to develop grading rubrics as directed by the instructional staff.
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: 
  • Must possess a Master’s Degree in Business.
  • Professional experience in the Business field.
  • Previous teaching experience preferred. Online teaching a plus
  • Excellent computer skills along with the ability to troubleshoot minor technical issues.
  • Must have access to high-speech internet and use personal PC/MAC
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