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What is Campus?

Campus is on a mission to maximize access to a world-class education.

At Campus, students come first, and we mean it. We power online two-year degree programs featuring live, online classes led by faculty from top-ranking schools in the country (think Princeton, NYU, UCLA, Spelman, and more) – all at community college costs.

We’re backed by an investor team including Sam Altman, Jason Citron, Founders Fund, Bloomberg Ventures, Precursor Ventures, Reach Capital, Rethink Education, Betaworks and others who support our vision for the future of education in America.


Who Are We Looking For?

We're hiring fully remote TAs from across the country to teach on Campus. We're looking for TAs who:

  1. Care deeply about our mission of maximizing access to education
  2. Enjoy working with first and second-year students

Think about the best TA you had as an undergrad -- we want every Campus student to have a welcoming, supportive TA of that caliber in every course.


What Will You Do?

Our students are pursuing their Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AABA) in our 2-year, fully accredited online degree program. Our TAs work closely with our Campus Instructors who are professors from top schools across the country (think Princeton, UT, NYU, Berkeley, etc.).


As a teaching assistant, you will work to support a group of 25-30 students online within one of our business or general education courses. You’ll act as a teacher, mentor, and coach to students as they learn new skills and develop as professionals.

  • Business course topics: Communications, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Ethics and Law
  • Gen Ed course topics: English Composition, Math, Logic & Critical Thinking, American Politics, Environmental Science

Once accepted as a Teaching Assistant, you’ll be considered a member of the Campus Faculty Network, a community of committed and innovative educators who are working to transform the future of higher education.


Within the network, you’ll have the opportunity to take on additional courses/discussion sections for additional compensation ($2,000 each) and the chance to teach in future quarters on a schedule that works for you! We also offer professional development and networking opportunities to our members.


TA Responsibilities:

1) Attend evening (held between 6pm and 10pm ET) lecture twice per week (70 minutes/class)

2) Lead an evening (held between 6pm and 10pm ET) discussion section once per week (45 minutes/class)

3) Host 1-hour of office hours per week

4) Grading for 25-30 students per 4-credit discussion section


Required Qualifications:

  • Teaching or tutoring experience in a college-level Business course or General Education (Math, English, Science) course
  • Bachelor’s degree or current undergraduate student in their third year or above


Time Commitment:

  • Time commitment: 8-10 hours per week
  • Length of quarter: 11 weeks


Upcoming 2024 Quarters:

  • April-June 2024
  • July-September 2024
  • October-December 2024


The salary for Campus Network Teaching Assistants is $2,000 per each discussion section of 30 students taught. Teaching Assistants may have the opportunity to support up to (3) discussion sections per course, for a total of $6,000 per quarter.