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Wilson Reading and Orton Gillingham Online Tutors Needed

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United States
About Team Tutor:

Team Tutor is an educational tutoring firm that has been providing academic tutoring and test prep for all grades and all subjects, throughout the entire Delaware Valley, since 2005. We specialize in one-on-one & small-group tutoring, test prep and enrichment programs. Our in-home and on-line based programs offer personalized programs to fit the needs of all learners. All of our tutors are certified educators. Our tutors customize the tutoring programs to meet the individual needs of the students. We are looking for elite, certified teachers to join our staff.

What We Offer:

• Flexible schedules: Tutors create their own hours. 
• Competitive hourly pay & Simple IRA Plan
• Training & Support: Tutors are provided on-going support and training. 
• Employment Status: Tutors are hired as part-time employees. 
• Tutoring Positions: Daytime and after school tutoring positions are available all year.

What We Are Looking For:
• Online for 1 on 1 Wilson and Orton Gillingham Certified Tutors/Teachers 
• Online Tutors that are dynamic, patient, compassionate and responsible.  

Job Requirements:

• Wilson Reading & Orton Gillingham Certification
• Updated Clearances: FBI, Police Record and Child Abuse 
• Open availability to tutor a minimum of 4 hours per week.

This is a remote position.

Compensation: $40.00 per hour

This job is closed.