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Virtual Tutoring Instructor-Part Time

Onward We Learn
United States

Purpose of the Position:

Onward We Learn provides a safe space for middle and high school-aged students to build confidence in classroom content and skills for greater academic success. We are looking for Virtual Tutoring Instructors to facilitate individualized learning opportunities in foundational STEM and ELA subjects. Instructors prioritize building relationships with students to ensure that all are served both personally and academically for a holistic approach to growth and learning. 


Major Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for differentiating instructional methods and exercising flexibility and creativity to address specific needs of students 
  • Embed general test prep and student success skills in all sessions (e.g. taking notes, preparing effectively for tutoring sessions, breaking down the question/assignment, etc.) 
  • Work collaboratively with fellow Instructors and the Curriculum & Instructional Specialist for developing, researching, and providing high-quality tutoring and workshop instruction 
  • Build relationships with students for supporting academic and social-emotional growth 
  • Inspire, motivate, and encourage students to perform their best regardless of ability level 
  • Maintain accurate records of student participation and work completion in collaboration with the Academy Coordinator 
  • Commit to program schedule: 
  • Individual Tutoring Sessions: Weekly 30-minute sessions (1-4 hours per week) 
  • Saturday Office Hours: Morning sessions for students, as needed. (Predetermined throughout the year for 1-3 hours) 

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. (Degree may be in progress) 
  • Valid RI Secondary Teaching Certification (Certification may be in progress) 
  • Proficiency in using Google Suite and other educational technologies/resources 
  • Demonstrated experience working with youth, especially from diverse populations 
  • A strong belief in the ability of all students – regardless of background – to excel academically 
  • Ability to problem-solve, multi-task, and adapt to student and programming needs 
  • Organized, flexible, and patient within a fast-paced environment